kupi bileti
from Herman Koch
Creative team:
Dramatization and directing: Plamen Markov
Set and costumes: Mira Kalanova
Composer: Kalin Nikolov
Video: Dimitur Sardzhev
Dramatization and directing: Plamen Markov
Composer: Kalin Nikolov

Ivaylo Geraskov, Daria Simeonova, Lilia Maraviglia, Mikhail Milchev, Plamen Manasiev, Bistra Idjoma Okereke and students from the class of Professor Plamen Markov

Duration: 120 min

Premiere: 22nd of October 2019

Serge is an extremely successful politician, the positional candidate in the upcoming national elections. Monthly dinners with the famous brother Paul and their wives, in a luxury local restaurant, are a symbol of status.

But this time, "Dinner" fixes everyone on a secret and how right it should remain. Paul's wife sees the disturbing footage from the video. It can turn the lives of not only their teenage children, but also their parents.

The fragile act of respect and class is now shattered. Beyond the boundaries of polite society, the drama brothers discover how little they know about each other. Distorted values ​​and moral problems are revealed.
What could he sacrifice, how could he act on the threshold of an emergency in which their own children put them?

"Dinner" is a brilliant tragicomedy that attracts a publication in the story, which takes place in a single evening.

The production is based on the novel of the same name by Hermann Koch, which became a bestseller. In Europe alone, more than 1 million copies have been sold.

"The real pleasure of The Dinner lies in its ability to slowly gain your trust as nutrition progresses" - Jenny Hendrix, The Los Angeles Times

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Address theater:

23A Yanko Sakazov bul, Sofia

Ticket office:
+3592/944 24 85

Work time:

Monday - Friday

10:00 - 14:00

15:00 - 20:15

Saturday and Sunday

10:00 - 13:00

13:30 - 20:15

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