kupi bileti
from Jean-Pierre Martinez
Creative team:
Director: Nadya Pancheva
Scenography: Yasmin Mandeli
Translation: Mihaela Kacarova
Poster: Radoslava Boor
Composer: Milen Apostolov

Neda Spasova, Plamen Manasiev

Duration: 90 min

An innocent joke will involve the actors Daria Simeonova, Neda Spasova and Plamen Manasiev in an inevitable, uncontrollable and unstoppable plot that takes them from a quiet evening at home to a surreal and extremely dangerous situation.
"A series of situational fragments play out before us, intertwining around the themes of jealousy, monogamy in the marriage of the modern European family, and a fictional plot born of a wounded male ego. The genre mixture of suspense, black comedy and horror creates a specific character of the play, exploring how far we can go when we are betrayed by our loved ones," says director Nadia Pancheva. The creative team includes Yasmin Mandeli - set designer and Milen Apostolov - composer.

Jean-Pierre Martinez is one of the most successful modern French, we would even say European, playwrights. There are an average of 400 stage productions each year, especially in Europe and Latin America. His 101 comedies are known for their accessibility and unique universe populated by characters who are at once funny, exciting and deeply relatable.
“On stage, as in life, I am always fascinated by how small lies can set off events leading to devastating consequences. Especially in a couple, if one's lies reveal the other's secrets. It's about the dangerous power that true and false statements have to change reality, sometimes for the best... and sometimes for the worst," Jean-Pierre shared about Sofia Theater.
The play will be performed on the stage of the "Teatro" (Verbitsa St., 12). Tickets can be purchased online at, at the box office on the corner of G.S. Rakovski" and "Slavyanska" Street and the box office of "Theatro".

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23A Yanko Sakazov bul, Sofia

Ticket office:
+3592/944 24 85

Work time:

Monday - Friday

10:00 - 14:00

15:00 - 20:15

Saturday and Sunday

10:00 - 13:00

13:30 - 20:15

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