Sofia Theatre announces the project Peer Gynt Travels with a special opening event
22 December 2021
Sofia Theatre announces the project Peer Gynt Travels with a special opening event

The spectacle, based on Heinrich Ibsen’s work, will lift its curtain on January 29. The senses and feelings of the contemporary audience will be provoked through a multimedia production, which combines drama, music, dance and interactive visualization. The project also includes tours, international seminars and festivals, workshops, discussions, a documentary and a bilingual website.

Sofia Theatre’s project “Peer Gynt Travels” under the program "Cultural Entrepreneurship, Heritage and Cooperation" BGCULTURE-2.001 - FIRST CALL FOR PROJECT PROPOSALS UNDER RESULT 2 "IMPROVED ACCESS TO CULTURE AND THE ARTS" under the Norwegian financial mechanism, with program operator The Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria, was launched with a special event. At a press conference at BTA (Bulgarian Telegraph Agency), the process of placing of the text of the performance "Peer Gynt Travels" on Heinrich Ibsen was presented and information was given about the upcoming workshops, seminars, discussions and tours in Bulgaria and around the world related to the performance, as well as about the documentary on the topic. The long-awaited premiere will be on January 29, 2022 on Sofia Theatre’s big stage.

The Director of Sofia Theatre – Irinei Konstantinov and the Director General of BTA opened the event and shared their excitement about the upcoming project. "Ever since I was a student, it's my dream to perform a text from "Peer Gynt" on stage. I already know very well the works of the great Norwegian Heinrich Ibsen, I am attracted to the theme of a free man who does not want to comply with societal norms and goes over them to be happy. And I am happy that we won the project after a lot of hard work, and we will realize the spectacle and all the activities adjacent to it", said Irinei Konstantinov, who will play the role of the elderly Peer Gynt in the performance.

"I was impressed by the extreme demonic situations in this play. It attracts you, and at the same time, it scares you. There are as many as 40 scenes in the play that go on like a waterfall one after the other and do not even give you a moment to rest. We throw ourselves into these waters boldly and hope not to drown," said director Katya Petrova about the magic of Ibsen's text and creativity.About the characters, the excitement and the rehearsal process spoke the actors Alexander Tonev and Neda Spasova, who will enter the roles of the young Peer Gynt and his mother.

In addition to the staging, three seminars on "Approach to Ibsen and Peer Gynt – interpretation and theatrical experience" in Oslo and Sofia are included in the project. The performance will be played in Sofia Theatre and 7 different settlements, and before their start, special workshops with acting tasks will be organized, which will enhance the experience of the performance. “Peer Gynt Travels” will take part in the Ibsen Festival in Oslo and the Bergen International Festival.


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